About The Gentleman Grochowski Show

    The core of the show is improv - pure and simple. Sometimes brilliant, often idiotic. Some people have compared the show to Saturday Night Live combined with a dose of Mad TV. While its true that the show is comedy with some musical performances, it is also much more...and much less.
    It all began with Larry Grochowski wanting to do a spin-off of his radio show. After some initial attempts at turning the radio show into a TV show, he met up with Bill Allan at the Oak Lawn studio. The combination of Grochowski's network of friends and Allan's video brilliance was the chemistry needed to ignite a firestorm of laughter in the Chicago area. Before long, the show began to draw talented actors, hilarious comedians, bands, quirky people and the occasional dancing girl.
    To date, the show has numerous people who are constantly working, and a rotating cast of over 30 people. Now in its 4th year of being on the air, the show is entering the new season of production. With a cast and crew of dedicated people, and an attitude of unstoppable professionalism, the future looks bright for the TVHAMS...

If you think you are talented and you want to be on our show, email Governor@tvhams.com.

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